Software technologies

Software Development Tools

When choosing development tools, we consider a variety of factors specific to the current project: cost effectiveness, documentability, quality and security standards, long-term viability, and potential for further development. Our attention to all these aspects enables us to respond effectively to practically any challenge, and to identify the optimal set of technologies.

Operating Systems

We have wide experience in a variety of operating systems. Open Source technologies are popular among internet-based service providers, while the corporate world tends to prefer the more expensive, more professional solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, we are well acquainted with both approaches.

We have successfully completed projects on Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms. We also have experience in programming for Sun Solaris, HP UniX, OS/400 and z/OS systems.

Mobile technologies are taking the world by storm: in this realm, we are highly experienced in Android and iOS systems.

Linux Windows IBM z/OS android Mac

Programming Languages

When it comes to programming languages, our team is truly professional. Most of our experience is in Java and C. Other languages we work in include pHp, .net, C#, and Delphi.

Java php C, C++ C# Borland Delphi

Application Servers

A major challenge in recent years comes from the fact that humanity is constantly pushing the limits of scientific and technological performance. As these limits expand, the design of high-quality IT systems requires increasing professional knowledge and foresight.

With the introduction of distributed [partitioned?] systems, application server architecture has expanded to include cluster solutions, alongside systems based on a large central application server. Our team is familiar with both environments. In our experience, server architecture is one of those areas of IT in which knowledge of the subject is necessary, but not sufficient: experience is crucial! We are proud to say that we have this experience, and the capability to build even very large-scale systems.

Caucho Resin Apache Tomcat Oracle Glassfish Oracle Weblogic JBoss Websphere

Framework Systems

We are at home in the world of framework systems, from Microsoft’s .Net to various Java-based web frameworks such as GoogleWebToolkit, Vaadin, and JavaServer Faces.

GoogleWebToolkit Vaadin JavaServer Faces .NET Facebook


We have a wealth of practical experience in working with relational and hierarchical data management approaches. We have used both models to set up large-scale databases to handle large quantities of interrelated data.

We develop our database systems using Oracle Database, MySql, PostgreSQL and MSSQL. We are also regular users of NoSql systems such as MongoDb and Apache HBase. For managing hierarchical databases, we are familiar with LDAP and the various VSAM-based solutions.

MySQL PostgreSQL Oracle Database Microsoft SQL Server mongoDB